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American original Cummins engine assembly2 

American Original Cummins Engine Assembly

一、Cummins engine assembly development and characteristics:

Cummins is the world's leading manufacturer of mining engines with the industry's broadest product line, ranging from 15 to 78 liters and 600 to 3,500 horsepower, used in a wide range of mining equipment, from rock drills to the world's largest mining trucks.

Cummins agricultural engines have a broad product line, displacement covering 1.4-15 liters, power range 31-600 horsepower, mechanical and fully electronic control mode, with excellent power performance, reliability and fuel economy, to meet today's most stringent European and American off-highway motor equipment emissions standards (Tier3 and above).

Cummins has been successful in the Marine engine market since its inception. The first engine we successfully designed and built was for ships, and we didn't stop there. In fact, between 1919 and 1934, more than half of our products were used in ships. From 76BHP to 2000BHP (57-1492KW), Cummins boats are used worldwide on trawlers, ferries, yachts, workboats, tugs, fishing boats, fire boats, passenger boats and other ship types.

Cummins is the world's leading oil and gas field power equipment manufacturer, providing a full range of power solutions for oil and gas field drilling, workover and production equipment, including engines, generators, mobile power stations, filters, fire pumps and emissions aftertreatment units. Cummins field engines, including mechanical and fully electronically controlled 1.4 to 78 liter diesel engines and 5.9 to 91 liter natural gas engines, meet today's most stringent on-road (US EPA07, Euro III/Euro IV) and off-highway (US Tier 2/Tier 3) emissions standards. It is widely used in oil drilling rig, workover rig, fracturing truck, pump group and gas compressor unit.

With the rapid development of railway transportation industry, improving running speed, increasing passenger capacity and reducing operating costs have become the most critical problems in railway operation, and the basis for solving these problems is to improve the performance of vehicle engines. In order to meet the above requirements, Cummins has developed and produced a series of engine products suitable for the railway transportation industry. These products have the following characteristics: high power, high durability, low emissions, and low lifetime engine operation and maintenance costs. The power range of the engine series is 68-3500 HP, and all are electrically controlled, which can meet the European and American off-highway mobile equipment phase II and phase III (Tier 2/Tier 3) emission standards, fully meeting the operator's requirements for environmental protection.

Cummins Power's product line includes diesel and alternative fuel generator sets (2.5 kW ~2.7 MW), alternators (0.6 KVA ~ 30,000 KVA), generator engines, control systems, transfer switches (40 amps ~ 3,000 amps) and switchgear, etc. It is widely used in office buildings, hospitals, factories, municipalities, power plants, universities, recreational vehicles, yachts and home power supplies.


二、The original United States imported CUMMINS application market:
Truck Oems in the International market include: MAN ERF, Ford, Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Leland
Leyland, Mack, Peterbilt, Sisu, Sterling, Czech Tatra, Volvo.
The main customers of ISM series engine in China are Jinlong, Yutong, Ankai, Zhongtong, Youth, Xiamen Gold Travel and so on.
Bus OEM customers in the international market include: Bluebird bus

OSB4.5 OSB6.7 4BTA3.9 6BTA5.9 ISB3.9 OSM ISM OSL8.9 OSZ13
6BTAA5.9 4BTA3.9 ISF2.8 ISF3.8 KTA19 NTA855 K38 M11 ISM
Series engine in the domestic truck OEM customers include: Shaanxi automobile, Foton, Valin, Jirui, Jiangjun, Xugong
Let's wait. Orion bus, Canada GILLING, Mexico MOTORCOACH INDUSTRICS, NEOPLAN, Britain Alexander-Dennis, North American Bus Industry Corporation (NABI)New Flyer bus, Bova Bus, Volvo Bus,

ISM series engines are widely used in concrete mixing trucks, dump trucks and other special vehicles, in China and Shaanxi automobile, Xu Zhong, Foton, Valin, Jirui, Sany, Changqi production of cement mixing trucks and other special vehicles to achieve supporting. International OEM supporting customers include: Oshkosh, Terex, Kenworth, Freightliner, Sterling.

Construction machinery is mainly used by OSM series engines, horsepower covers 290~400 horsepower, mainly used in generator sets, excavators, garbage compaction trucks, trenchless horizontal directional drilling RIGS and other construction machinery fields. The main customers are Sany, Liugong, Xugong, Komatsu, Kanghao, Zhejiang Fangyuan, Beijing DeWei Xingsun, Beijing Weimeng, Wuhan New Star, North field, Toyo Pull and so on. Chongqing Cummins produces engine power coverage of 200HP-1600HP, the products are mainly used in heavy vehicles, large buses, construction machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, rail machinery, port machinery, fixed and mobile diesel generator power stations, Marine propulsion power units and auxiliary power units, pump power units and other power units. Cummins series generator set ship, automobile, industrial generator ship. Dongfeng Fengshen DCI11, Dongfeng Fengshen 4H, Dongfeng EO6100 gas-oil electric injection engine, Fengshen 6105 6102 series engine accessories equipped with Cummins engine Xiamen Jinlong bus, Suzhou Jinlong Bus, Kowloon commercial Vehicle, Ankai bus, Zhengzhou Yutong bus, Youth bus, Zhongtong bus, Youth bus, Yangzijiang bus, Dongfeng Tianlong, Dongfeng Tianjin, Dongfeng Hercules (original) cab assembly and covering parts and other accessories, Hino Motor, Equipped with Cummins engine Sany Heavy cement mixer/Dongfeng Hercules cement mixer/Shanghai Hino cement mixer/Anhui Valin cement mixer Liugong, Zoomlion, Komatsu Excavating Carter excavator, modern excavator, Volvo excavator, Shandong Lingong, Excavating machine/loader, Yutong Heavy Industry, XCMG construction machinery, XCMG Crane, Puyuan Crane, Zoomlion Chengdu Chenggong, Xiamen Heavy Industry North
Heavy industry, Beijing Heavy Industry Zhongyu Lingyu Baotian, Rewo Heavy Industry and other construction machinery, excavator, roller, ground machine accessories WABCO series electronic products, clutch booster, dryer assembly, trailer ABS helix, BOSCH series electronic control system, fuel injection system accessories Air compressor assembly/pump WABCO air compressor, Cummins engine pump assembly.

三、The main models of the original Cummins engine assembly in the United States are:

Belaz series mining vehicles ×  Belas 75131 electric drive mining vehicle (Cummins QSK-45 or KTA50C or 8DM-21AMC) left shift compared to right shift ×  Beulas 75306 mining vehicle (Cummins QSK 60) left shift vs. right shift ×  Beulas 75473 mining truck (Cummins KTA-19C) left shift vs. right shift ×  Comparison of Left Shift and Right Shift of Belas 75600 Mining Vehicle ×  Comparison of Left Shift and Right Shift of Belas 7521 Mining Vehicle ×  Comparison of Left Shift and Right Shift of Belas 7549 Mining Vehicle ×  Comparison of Left Shift and Right Shift of Belas 7512 Mining Vehicle ×  Comparison of Left Shift and Right Shift of Belas 7530 Mining Vehicle ×  Comparison of Left Shift and Right Shift of Belas 75570 Mining Vehicle ×  Belas 75145 electric drive mining vehicle
Cummins QSK78-C; Cummins QSK 60 12ChN1A-26/26; DEUTZ BF 8M 1015
Cummins KTA19-C;
Cummins QST30-C;
8DM-21AM or KTA38C
Cummins KTA38-C;

The original imported Cummins power range is between 120kw-1800kw. Common models are: KTA19-G3, KTA19-G4, VTA28-G5, VTA28-G6, KTA38-G5, KTA38-G9, KTA50-G3, KTA50;

Engine type: ISC8.3-245E40A C260 33 C230 33 C280 33 C300 33 C260 33(BYC) C220 20 C230 20 C245 20 C245 33 C300 20 ISC8.3-292E40A ISC8.3-270E40A C280 20 C325 20 C260 20 C260 33(WF) ISC8.3-230E40A CGe250

Cummins L10G3.GEN.DR(330), Cummins ISX/ Signating-600, Cummins KTA19-C, Cummins M11-280E, Cummins KTA38-G2, Cummins L10-310E, Cummins VTA903-T525, Cummins NTA855-GENDR(330) 465), Cummins QSK19-C525, Cummins KTA50-G3,

Cummins VTA903-T525, Cummins KTAA19-CE, Cummins ISX/ Signator-600, Cummins ISM 285V, Cummins QSX15-C600, Cummins

Cummins NTC350, Cummins QSKTAA60-CE, Cummins M11, Cummins NTA855-G5-GS/GC, Cummins NT855-C280,

Cummins KTAA19-CE, Cummins ISX-475, Cummins L10-280, Cummins KTTA50-C2000, Cummins KTA38-G5,

Cummins L10-260, Cummins KTA38-P1250, Cummins QSK19-C525, Cummins NTA855-P320, Cummins ISX-475,

Cummins KTA38-G2, Cummins KTA19-C, Cummins ISM-330.

X2.5-G2, X3.3-G1, 4BTAA3.3-G13, 6BTA5.9-G5, 6BTAA5.9-G6, 6BTAA5.9-G7, 6CTAA8.3-G7,

6CTAA8.3-G9, 6LTAA9.5-G3, QSL9-G5, QSG12-G3, QSG12-G4, QSX15-G4, QSX15-G6,

Q5Z13-G5, Q5Z13-G10, QsZ13-G10, QSX15-G8, KTA19-G4, VTA28-G5*, QSK23-G1,

QST30-G1, QSK23-G2, QST30-G2, QSK23-G3, KTA38-G6, KTA38-G3, QST30-G3, QST30-G4, KTA38-G5, KTA38-G14, KTA50-G3, KTA50-G8, KTA50-GS8, Q SK50-G11, QSK60-G10, QSK60-G2,

QSK60-G12, QSK60-G7, QSK60-G3, QSK60-G4, QSK78-G9, QSK95-G4, 4BTAA3.3-G16, 4BTAA3.3-G15, 4BTAA3.3-G14, QSB5-G1, QSB5-G10, QSB5-G2, Q SB5-G3, QSB5-G4, QSB5-G11,

QSB5-G5, QSB5-G13, QSB5-G12, QSB5-G6, B6.7-G17, QSB7-G8, QB7-G3, QSB7-G4, QSB7-G9,

B6.7-G18, QSB7-G5, Q519-G2, Qsl9-G3, 19-G17, Qsl9-G9, QSL9-G4, 19-G18, 19-G19,

QS19-G7, QSX15-G11, QsZ13-G6, QSX15-G12, QsZ13-G7, QSX15-G13, QSX15-G16, QSK19-G4,

QSK23-G5, QSK23-G8, QSK23-G9, KTA38-G7, QSK38-G1, QSK38-G2, QSK38-G3, QSK50-G2,

QSK38-G5, KTA50-G7, QSK50-G3, QSK50-G4, OSK50-G12, QSK50-G7, QSK60-G10, QSK60-G12,

QSK60-G6, QSK60-G3 TAL2g, OSK60-G14, QSK78-G11, QSK95-G9.

四、The United States Cummins engine assembly maintenance:

Maintenance is the key to reducing the cost of use. A diesel engine needs regular maintenance according to a maintenance schedule in order to maintain efficient operation. Preventive maintenance is the easiest and most economical maintenance. It allows the maintenance department to work at the right time. Different series and models of the engine, its maintenance cycle and content are slightly different, the specific situation please refer to the engine maintenance manual. The following N, K series engine as an example to briefly introduce its maintenance cycle and content.

(1) Class A maintenance inspection (daily inspection) Make daily engine work report and provide it to the maintenance department.

① Report content: 1) oil pressure is low; 2) Whether the power is insufficient; 3) Whether the cooling water or oil temperature is abnormal;

4) Whether the engine sound is abnormal; 5) Whether there is smoke; 6) Whether coolant, fuel or oil consumption is excessive;

7) Coolant, fuel or oil leakage.

② Check the engine:

1) Check the engine oil level; 2) Check the engine coolant level. ③ Check the pump belt; ④ Check the Marine gear box; ⑤ Check whether the engine has leakage, bruising, loosening and so on.

(2) Class A maintenance inspection (weekly inspection)

① Repeat the daily examination every week. ② Check the air filter and intake resistance: clean or replace the air filter element.

③ Release the water of the gas reservoir. ④ Release sediment from the tank. (3) Class B maintenance inspection

Cycle: Chart method or 250h, 6 months or travel miles of 16000km. At each Level B maintenance check, complete all Level A check items, plus the following:

1) Replace the engine oil: ① start the engine to reach the working temperature, then stop the engine and release the oil;

② Install playback oil plug; ③ Check the oil gauge so that the oil level reaches the "H" mark; ④ Start the engine and check whether there is oil leakage; ⑤ Stop the machine for 15min and check the oil level.

2) Replace the filter: ① full-flow oil filter; ② Bypass type oil filter; ③ Fuel filter.

3) Check the coolant: check the DCA concentration of the engine coolant, replace the core and add DCA4 additives when necessary

4) Check the oil level. 5) Clean or replace the crankcase ventilator and air compressor ventilator. 6) Check the zinc plug.

(4) Class C maintenance inspection

The maintenance inspection cycle is 1500h, 1 year or the mileage is 96000km.

In each Class C maintenance check, complete all Class A and Class B check items, plus adjust the fuel injector stroke and valve clearance.

① "cold adjustment" : the engine should be stopped at the ambient temperature to be adjusted for at least 4h to achieve a stable temperature;

② "hot adjustment" : the engine oil temperature above 99 ° C operating conditions at least 10 minutes, or after reaching the normal oil temperature, immediately adjust the injector and valve.

The adjustment of fuel injection stroke and valve clearance of Cummins engines must be done by specially trained personnel.

(5) Grade D maintenance inspection

The maintenance inspection cycle is 4500h, 2 years or the mileage is 288,000km.

At each Level D maintenance inspection, complete all Level A, B and C inspection items, plus the following:

① Clean and calibrate fuel injectors and fuel pumps. ② Check, repair or replace supercharger, shock absorber, air compressor.

③ Repair or replace the fan, water pump belt tensioning wheel assembly, water pump.

(6) Seasonal inspection

1) Spring:

① Steam clean the engine; ② Tighten the mounting bolts; ③ Check crankshaft axial clearance; ④ Check heat exchanger plug annually or as needed.

② Autumn: ① Clean and flush the cooling system; ② Replace the hose that needs to be replaced; ③ Clean electrical connectors and check batteries.

New Original Cummins Engineer Belaz series mining vehicles

Cummins KTA19-C;Cummins QST30-C;

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